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Quad Biking in Dubai Desert is a must-do experience that you won’t want to skip. Our Dubai quad safari tours occur in a beautiful stretch off the Dubai-Hatta Road in Al Badayer. Led by one of our professional instructors – a desert adventure enthusiast, you will get a lengthy session of drive time across 30 feet high big red sand dunes. Monster Experience has lined up the best quad bikes, 4 x4s and Dune Buggies in Dubai so you can experience the desert in all its glory – up close and personal. Join us for a little quad biking in Dubai, or hop into one of our state-of the art ATVs and make the desert your playground.

Yamaha Raptor-700CC quad bike in Dubai Desert

With unbeatable credentials as the best-selling sport ATV, the Yamaha Raptor 700’s sleek, menacing looks are more than matched by its high performance features that include a futuristic chassis, suspension and braking system. All of which adds up to an unparalleled dune bashing experience.

Starts from/per vehicle


Can-Am Renegade 650CC in Dubai Desert

The all-terrain Renegade 650cc from Can-am comes with a range of advanced specs that are usually only found on more powerful models, making it the perfect vehicle for inexperienced riders who are looking for the thrills of desert quad biking in Dubai. This innovative ATV comes with Intelligent Throttle Control and Tri-Mode Dynamic Power Steering (DPS) and is powered by a 4-stroke 1-cylinder air-cooled engine.

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Yamaha Grizzly 350CC in Dubai Desert

Even the Dubai desert’s steepest dunes and climbs are no match for the raw and robust power of this automatic ATV – the Yamaha Grizzly 350cc 4WD. Known as one of the most dependable in the market, this beast has a towing capacity of 500kg, top-of-the-line Ultramatic transmission, light steering and responsive handling.

Starts from/per vehicle


buggy speed drive in the desert with sands


ATV enthusiasts will be glad to discover that the UAE desert offers the perfect setting for an exceptional quad tour experience. Lasting close to an hour, the Monster Experience quad bike tour allows you to get more time to ride the dunes and perfect your riding skills. Steep dunes and drops beckon the intrepid driver, while freshers can start on less challenging terrain for shorter stretches. A quad bike is one of the most popular off-road machines among bikers, and as the name suggests, it has four wheels rather than the two in regular motorcycles. Monster Experience quad bike tours in Dubai are designed to offer both thrills and safety.



When you sign up with us for desert quad biking in Dubai you get access to acres and acres of iconic red dunes near Badayer for your adventure. Our nearest neighbor is far away, so you get a chunk of terrain to yourself. In addition, we have the space and equipment to handle multiple groups at a time.


1. Do I need license to ride a quad bike in Dubai desert?

Fortunately, no. Our expert instructors will show you how to operate the quad bike you have chosen.

2. How old do I have to be to be able to ride a quad bike in Dubai?

We welcome all adventure seekers 16 and above to try their hand at quad biking.

3. What do you wear to ride a quad bike?

We recommend comfortable clothing and shoes that do not restrict movement but are also streamlined. Sports gear and casual clothing are ideal. Carry a jacket in the winter months. Bear in mind, we will supply all the additional gear you need at no extra cost.

4. How long are quad bike rides in Dubai, Sharjah?

This will vary depending on your level of expertise. A typical quad buggy ride lasts around 45 minutes to an hour.

5. Inclusions

  • Safety essentials: Helmet, goggles and gloves
  • Fuel for your ATV
  • Specialised training by an expert instructor
  • Guide accompanying you on the ride

Dubai Desert Safari and Quad Safari Experiences

Experience Dubai Quad Biking Thrill

Monster experience is where adventure and thrill seekers find their favorite gathering place. Our team of experts provide various tailor-made Dubai quad safaris for individuals and groups in the United Arab Emirates. Our goal is to provide you with an unforgettable adrenaline pumping adventure where you will explore the stunning landscapes of the Dubai desert on quad bikes. In this article, we will take you through some of the key aspects of our desert safari and quad biking experiences, including the diverse activities and tours available, as well as essential information for booking your trip.

Desert Safari: The Ultimate Dubai Adventure

If you’re looking for a truly unique experience in Dubai, look no further than our desert safari offerings. Imagine yourself riding through the vast sand dunes on a powerful 4X4, accompanied by seasoned and passionate chauffeurs as you traverse the unpredictable highs and lows of Dubai’s big red dunes! Get ready for an unforgettable Desert Safari Dubai adventure with Monster Experience!

Desert Safari exciting activities

Our desert safari packages include a wide range of activities designed to cater to every taste and preference in order to suit all types of adventurers and age groups. Some of the exciting activities that you can expect during your desert safari adventure in Dubai include:

  • Dune bashing: Hop into a 4×4 vehicle and embark on a thrilling ride on massive sand dunes.
  • Camel ride: Embrace the traditional mode of desert transportation by taking a leisurely ride on a camel.
  • Sandboarding: Strap on a sandboard and glide down the slopes of the dunes for an exhilarating experience.
  • Belly dance performance: Enjoy mesmerizing live entertainment such as Arabian belly dancing.
  • BBQ dinner: Feast on a delicious Arabian-style barbecue meal while immersing yourself in the golden desert atmosphere.

All these activities come together to create a truly unforgettable day exploring the picturesque Dubai desert.

Quad Biking in Dubai: A Thrilling Way to Explore the Desert

At Monster Experience, we believe that quad biking is the ultimate way to explore the magic and awe-inspiring Dubai desert. Our fleet of well-maintained ATVs allows you to navigate through the challenging terrain with ease, providing a thrilling and adrenaline-pumping experience you will enjoy and mark an unforgettable moment in your life.

Whether you’re an experienced rider or trying out quad biking for the very first time, our knowledgeable and experienced guides will accompany you in every step of the way to ensure you both a safe and amazing experience so you make the most of your adventure.

As one of the highly trusted and best ATV rentals in Dubai, Monster Experience takes a comprehensive approach while carefully crafting desert adventure packages. Feel free to savour the breathtaking scenery, strike a pose for some fantastic desert snapshots. Afterward, unwind in our traditional Majilis room equipped with WiFi, or indulge into your preferred cup of coffee at our cafeteria. If you’re still up for some more action, then enjoy basketball, football or tennis with your buddies, all for free! – choice is all yours!

Booking Your Quad Biking Adventure in Dubai

Ready to embark on a thrilling quad biking experience in the heart of the Dubai desert? Here’s some essential information you’ll need for booking your adventure with Monster Experience:

  1. Pricing: Our quad biking packages are competitively priced, starting from just AED 200 per person. Keep an eye out for special offers and discounts that we may have available!
  2. Age restrictions: To ensure the safety of our riders, we require that all participants be at least 16 years old.
  3. Booking: You can book your quad biking in Dubai adventure through our website or by contacting us directly. We recommend booking well in advance to secure your preferred date and time.
  4. What to bring: We recommend that you wear comfortable clothing and closed-toe shoes. In addition, don’t forget to bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat for sun protection during your ride.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at Monster Experience and providing you with an unforgettable quad biking adventure in the stunning Dubai desert. Prepare yourself for a day filled with excitement, adrenaline, and breathtaking views – see you soon in the sand dunes!

Book Your Quad Biking Rental in Dubai at Monster Experience

Book Your Quad Biking Rental in Dubai at Monster Experience

If you’re a thrill-seeker who craves going on adventures, you’re in for a treat with our Quad Bike rentals in Dubai. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of riding a quad bike, cutting through the golden dunes of the Dubai Desert. It won’t just be a ride but a sand-blasting experience you’ll cherish forever.

If you are an adrenaline junkie, our quad bike rental in Dubai is a must-do for you. Book yours today, and let us make your quad bike safari as exhilarating as possible for you!

Why Choose Quad Bike Rental in Dubai?

  • No Prior Experience Required – Even if you don’t have a driving licence, don’t let that hold you back. In fact, quad biking in Dubai and dirt biking rental tour can be the ideal adventure for novices. If you have basic driving skills, you’re all set to take on this thrilling journey through the desert.
  • Uncompromising Safety – Because most reputed quad bike rental in Dubai have state-of-the-art safety features, the experience is thrilling and safe at the same time. Even if you choose to ride solo, you can stay assured that you’ll be in good hands.
  • Accessible for All Ages – If you’re over 16 years of age and don’t mind an adrenaline rush, you can go on a quad bike ride. It is an all-inclusive experience that’s open to individuals of varying age groups.
  • Hassle-Free Transfers – The transportation facility is also pretty sorted for the best quad bike activity rental providers. You will get to enjoy the convenience of complimentary hotel pickups and drop-offs, which means that your journey will be seamless and exciting at the same time.
  • Capture Unforgettable Moments – Dubai’s desert landscapes can provide a stunning backdrop for your adventure. You will get the opportunity to capture breath-taking moments when you ride the ATV through the dunes, especially during the sunset hours.

How Monster Experience Will Make Your Quad Biking Experience Better?

While you can try solo trips, quad bike safari in Dubai is also an essential part of the Desert Safari packages. You should at least try either of them during your visit. If you want to get the safari experience, choose our quad bike desert safari package for a thrilling adventure.

Tailored Package Selection –

If you love flying solo, our solo quad biking tours are just what you need to experience the magic and thrill of a desert ride. Our rentals are tailored to meet your specific needs and preferences.

You can select the Dubai Desert Safari package that suits you the best and make sure to add quad biking as an add-on activity. We will allow you to tailor your adventure to match your interests and schedule – ultimately to ensure that you enjoy a personalised experience that aligns with your desires.

Hassle-Free Transportation –

You don’t have to worry about transportation to seek this experience. We’ll arrange a comfortable, air-conditioned vehicle to safely take you from your hotel and drop you at the desert camp location for your desert safari and quad bike ride.

If you’d like to book a solo activity of Quad biking in Dubai, then our activity area is just 40 mins drive from Downtown Dubai (https://maps.app.goo.gl/wuMUgokMZqBDEb3dA).

Expert Guidance –

Once you arrive at the desert campsite, our skilled instructors will guide you to the quad biking location. After warm hospitality and a smooth registration process, you’ll be given with essential protective gear & helmets. And then, you’ll be given thorough instructions on operating the quad bike.

An Unforgettable Experience –

Once you’re all set for the desert safari in dubai with quad biking , you’ll learn more about your chosen itinerary. You will get to explore various activities and then return to the campsite for relaxation. You can also opt for a convenient return to your hotel after completing the quad bike travel. (Please check this out: https://monster-experience.com/product/safari-evening/).

Pro Tips for an Unforgettable Quad Biking Adventure in Dubai

If you want to experience the best quad bike activity in Dubai, you have to take a couple of precautions. Here are a few things to keep in mind –

  • Dress Smart – Opt for clothing that covers you entirely so that it can shield you from the fine desert sands. It will not only keep you comfortable but also protect you from any unwanted surprises.
  • Shoe Up – You should wear closed shoes when you book quad bike tour. They offer the protection your feet need during the challenging ride.
  • Protective Gear – You have to prioritise your safety by wearing the provided protective eye gear and helmets.
  • Share Health History – If you have any pre-existing health concerns or conditions, don’t hesitate to talk to your instructor about it. By doing so, you can tailor your quad biking experience according to your well-being.

Quad Biking in Dubai: Unleash Adventure in the Desert

You live only once, and we want you to make the most of it!

At Monster Experience, we are extremely passionate about offering you an experience of a lifetime. Our well-maintained fleet of quad bike ride vehicles is exactly what you need to easily conquer the tough terrains of Dubai while experiencing an epic thrill throughout the journey.

As one of Dubai’s most trusted quad biking rental providers, Monster Experience takes a holistic approach to curating desert adventure packages for you.

Give yourself the opportunity to go with the flow of the wind, capture picturesque shots on your camera, and immerse your soul in the beauty of the desert with us. Book quad bike tour with Monster Experience because your ideal desert adventure awaits you!

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