Take control of your desert adventure with a dune buggy safari in Dubai. Hop on a single seater for a solo drive or get your adventurous co-passengers on board in a 2-seater or 4-seater dune buggy.  For almost a full hour, you get to climb up and down 30 feet high dunes, stop for photo opportunities, try sandboarding and more! Explore the sands around the Dubai-Hatta Road in Al Badayer and forge new paths. 
Dune Buggy Can AM

The ultra-reliable Maverick is one of the most iconic off-roading vehicles of all time. It has elite level handling with rebound adjustments and the most high-tech industry-leading Rotax ACE three-cylinder engine to provide the driver with a fast and smooth ride regardless of terrain.


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Dune buggy Can AM

The brand new four seater Can-Am Maverick X3 is one of the most iconic off-roading vehicles. Offering elite level handling with rebound adjustments, this beast is equipped with a best-in-class Rotax ACE three-cylinder engine that will ensure you conquer every kind of surface with ease.


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Dune buggy dubai MAVERICK SPORT 1000CC 2 SEATS

Watch your new wheels for the day make easy work of the steepest dunes thanks to best-in-class Ultramatic transmission, Smart-LokTM technology and superior driving comfort.    This all-terrain buggy offers ample leg room and spacious interiors.


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The four-wheel version allows you to share the spirit of adventure with a larger crew, who will all appreciate the cool chassis, sleek styling and superior Ultramatic transmission. The Maverick Sport boasts a short wheelbase and an excellent power-weight ratio that guarantees an amazing ride!


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The POLARIS RZR 1000CC consists of an optimally balanced chassis and futuristic technology with comfortable seating for one.  Built for stability and smooth handling, it allows you to attack the UAE dunes with gusto and efficiency.


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The Monster experience edge

Best-in-class safety features

Start your desert buggy experience in Dubai with a comprehensive safety briefing and instructions on operating your buggy. Safety gear such as helmets, goggles and gloves will be provided at no additional cost. In addition, our buggies go through a regular and comprehensive maintenance program to ensure that they’re in the best condition at all times.

State-of-the-art facilities

Make the most of our restrooms, showers, lockers and chillout zone. You can rest between adventures and recharge for your next one!

Unbeatable prices

Not only are our rates more affordable than other dune buggy tours in Dubai, they are inclusive of custom clothing like jacket, pants, helmet and glasses, as well as fuel, instructor and training.

Highly qualified instructors

Our team has hundreds of hours of experience in dune buggy tours and are passionate about passing on knowledge and skills, whatever your level of expertise. An expert instructor will ride ahead of you and ensure your safety throughout the ride.

squad of dune buggies riding the dunes


Get a pure adrenaline rush riding a desert buggy in Dubai. These high performance vehicles are designed to help you tear across the famous dunes of the UAE with pro-level assurance. All with the utmost safety, as each buggy is equipped with harnesses, roll cages and doors. Hurry and book yours today! Our fleet of purpose built dune buggies like Polaris, Can-Am or Maverick await. 

dune buggy bashing through the sand


When you sign up with Monster Experience for one of our dune buggy tours, the desert will literally be in your backyard.  You get access to acres and acres of iconic red dunes near Badayer for your adventure. Our nearest neighbor is far away, so you get a stretch of the desert terrain to yourself. In addition, we have the space and equipment to handle multiple groups at a time.


1. Is a license needed?

No. First timers can also use our dune buggies – our instructors will train you in driving a dune buggy and give you a safety debriefing.

2. Age requirements 

All guests aged 16 and above are welcome to drive our dune buggies. There is no age restriction for buggy passengers.

3. Dress code

We recommend comfortable clothing and shoes that do not restrict movement but are also streamlined. Sports gear and casual clothing are ideal. Carry a jacket in the winter months. Bear in mind, we will supply all the additional gear you need at no extra cost.

4. Duration of dune buggy ride 

The ride usually lasts around 45 minutes to an hour, with a 10 minute stop for photos, sandboarding and so on.

5. Inclusions 

  • Racing gear: Pants, jacket and gloves
  • Safety essentials: Helmet and goggles
  • Fuel for your dune buggy 
  • Specialised training by an expert instructor
  • Guide accompanying you on the ride
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