Get ready for an exhilarating quad biking experience in Dubai deserts. Yamaha Raptor 700CC, an agile machine with big bore power can offer you the most adventure-packed experience in the big red sand dunes of Dubai!

Some 40-minutes drive from the Downtown Dubai, Monster Experience activity area is located at the heart of the desert with Monster crews – high in spirit, filled with knowledge and passion for desert adventure. After a real quick registration process, you will be directed to our briefing area, where our expert instructors will prepare you for your desert adventure with tips and tricks, how-to’s; spiking your excitement even more! Then, you will be guided to the machine that awaits you for a solo ride – Yamaha Raptor 700CC!!

As you start the engine, the Yamaha Raptor 700CC awakens with a spirited growl. With the confident twist of the throttle, the Raptor surges forward, its tires swirling the sands behind. After initial few moments of elating dune ride, comes the big red sand dunes! Yamaha Raptor though, responds to your every command making it an effortless process of conquering challenging sandy peaks. In the vast emptiness of the desert, the wind becomes your companion, as you pick up speed in contrast to the wind and warm sun in the desert. While you can take a break from the rhythmic dance of man and the machine to fully experience the serenity of the nature, you can prepare yourself descending down the steep slopes with a gravity defying rush.

Why Yamaha Raptor 700CC?

Yamaha has established a strong reputation in the powersports industry, and its brand image is generally associated with reliability, innovation, and performance. For off-road vehicles like quads or ATVs, Yamaha has a history of manufacturing models like Yamaha YFZ 450, Yamaha Grizzly, Yamaha Raptor 700CC and more that cater to various types of riders, from recreational users to professional racers.

  • Aggressive Style: The agile and aggressive looks of Yamaha Raptor 700CC matches its impressive performance. The powerful Raptor 700R is ready to go whether the destination is the dunes, the trails or the track.
  • Big-Bore Power: The Yamaha 700CC is powered by our most potent 686CC, liquid-cooled, has got a fuel-injected engine, generating substantial torque from idle, transitioning into a commanding mid-range, and monstrous top-end.
  • Advanced Chassis: Big power and lightweight, this quad bike features a hybrid steel-aluminum frame, controlled-fill aluminum sub-frame and cast aluminum swingarm. This combination produces a robust structure and the lightest ATV in its class.
  • Rider-Friendly Features: A thick, comfortable seat offers a comfortable ride while dual counter-balancers, an electric starter, and a reverse gear help creating a refined and civilized riding experience. When ultra power is needed, the Raptor 700CC stands tall.
  • Advanced Suspension: Drawing inspiration from the YFZ model, handling of the Raptor 700CC is incredible to experience while blasting through the woods. With the 9.1 inches of front travel and 10.1 inches out back, the trail bumps smooth out while the rider maintains control. With the combination of power, solid handling and a great suspension, this machine has to be experienced to be fully appreciated.

Why Quad Biking in Dubai with Monster Experience?

Safety first: At Monster Experience, we prioritize your safety by providing essential gear such as helmets, goggles, and gloves. We want you to feel secure and confident during your dune buggy ride in Dubai.
Fuel included: Leave the logistics to us! When you choose Monster Experience, we ensure that your dune buggy is fueled up and ready to go, ensuring your dune buggy rental is worry-free!
Expert training: Our experienced instructors are here to guide you every step of the way. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, we offer specialized training and guidance as required.
Guided experience: You won’t be exploring the Dubai desert alone. A knowledgeable guide will guide you on the ride, sharing fascinating insights about the landscape, history, and culture

Brand New and Well-maintained: Quad bikes and all other equipment from Monster Experience are all brand new and latest model, while regularly serviced and maintained at official service centers.
Keep you Refreshed: We offer a free flow of cool and invigorating drinking water
Trusted and Award-winning: Monster Experience has won the hearts of many customers, earning us the prestigious TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice award in 2022 and 2023.

Join the ranks of satisfied adventurers who have experienced the thrill and excitement of our unforgettable desert adventures

Whether you’re a first timer in Dubai, or Dubai is your home, don’t miss out creating the safe, authentic and most unforgettable desert adventure quad biking with Monster Experience on mighty powerful quad – Yamaha Raptor 700CC.

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Note: Customers must carry their Original Passport or Emirates ID (substitute of Original Passport for UAE Residents).

Yamaha Raptor 700CC

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