Paintball Dubai

Calling all aspiring sharpshooters and snipers! Suit up and go into combat mode with paintballs.

135.00 AED

starts from / per player

Time for a Monster paintball DUBAI battle!

Paintball is the ultimate team game as it tests your ability to work together for the good of the entire group. The Monster paintball experience is ideal for a total of 25 players. Our paintball prices in Dubai include equipment such as combat fatigues and paintball gear, and ammunition of 150 paintballs. You can purchase additional paintballs but bear in mind that the paintballs are for the entire team and not one individual. So go ahead, strategize with your teammates, hone your tracking skills, go undercover and take out the competition!

Man playing paintball and holding paintball gun at the Monster Experience paintball course in Dubai

Claim your victory

Planning a fun family getaway or a birthday party? Paintballing is an interesting alternative that pushes you and your teammates to make the most of your physical and mental abilities. The ammunition consists of little spheres of paint-gel filled balls that splatter color on you when you are ‘shot’.

Group of people dressed as money heist at nightcharacters preparing to play paintball at Monster Experience in Dubai

Led by Monster Experience

This state-of-the-art Paintball venue sits amidst the red dunes of the Badayer desert on the Dubai-Hatta road. In addition to Monster’s paintball experience, you can try karting, dune buggy riding, quad biking and a host of desert adventures. As one of the first operators in the area, Monster Experience will guarantee you an unforgettable experience backed by a team of experts, fleet of vehicles and a safety-first approach.


Paintball Dubai experience is popular among all thrill seekers, mainly youths; while exciting corporate events are also carried out incorporating paintball as a prime contest. From paintball enthusiasts to family-friends fun to birthdays and special occasions, Paintball Dubai has been a popular activity.
While Monster Experience has been offering a superb paintball experience amidst the electrifying Dubai desert, paintball enthusiasts across the UAE can explore some action-packed battles in various locations across the UAE.
For those seeking some exciting activity to wind up their hectic week, they can head off to Paintball Dubai facilities. These well-equipped venues got varieties of exciting game modes from the classic capture-the-flag to action paintball, or the strategic scenarios like “President” or “Prison Break” to best suit your choice!
Monster Experience’s desert paintball area caters to groups of all sizes, with packages including protective gear, paintball markers, and ammunition. .
If you’re based in Sharjah or just looking out for a change, Paintball Sharjah experiences got the meticulously designed playing fields with a range of game modes to keep all thrill seekers charged up and entertained!
Monster Experience offers paintball experience in the middle of the UAE’s most stunning natural landscape – by the big red sand dunes! Paintball lovers sometimes take off to Abu Dhabi as well, where they can battle the friendly competition with a gorgeous backdrop of some abandoned forts.
For an exhilarating Paintball Dubai experience with your colleagues, friends or even planning out something unique and memorable for your clients; contact Monster Experience and get in touch with your inner warrior!


1. Age requirements

The paintball activity is open to anyone above the age of 9.

2. Dress code

You’ll be required to wear the protective clothing we provide for the activity. Your own clothing can be stored in lockers in our changing room.

3. Our paintball prices in Dubai

Enjoy competitive prices for your paintballing session at Monster Experience, starting at AED 135. Selected equipment and gear will be included in your price.



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