Get ready to uplift your thrill-seeking spirit with the Quad Automatic (Yamaha Renegade 650CC or Yamaha Grizzly 350CC). Gear up for an adventurous off-road tour that promises a heart-pounding quad biking adventure that will make you proud about yourself and keep you yearn to relive!

As the best blend of Dubai Deserts and Dubai Ocean, enjoy scuba diving in the best beach diving spot in Dubai. Welcome to the awesome aquatic world of sea horses, cattle fishes and many more …


40 minutes’ drive from downtown Dubai, as you arrive in Monster Experience activity area in Dubai-Hatta border, you will be welcomed with an awesome energy of our passionate and professional customer executives who will take you through the seamless registration process. Then, our professional instructors cum desert adventure enthusiasts/experts will well-prepare you for your next big desert adventure putting safety first! Right after which, you’ll be escorted to the powerful yet stylish Yamaha Renegade or Yamaha Grizzly, of your choice!

Quad bike ride in Dubai desert clearly gives you a thrilling sense of adventure, especially when done it right! As you position yourself right on the powerful quad and adjust your speed and direction to the ever-changing terrain, you bond well with the sand dunes which embrace you and show you the most beautiful spectacle of the desert…. a sight to behold, a life-time memory to build!

Remember! Double the thrill, double the fun when cruising on a quad with a partner!


Discover the thrill of diving under the sea right in the heart of the city’s towering skyline! Our expert instructors will have you breathing underwater as they carefully teach you the tips and tricks within three hours, prior to your adventure. Experience the most unique adventure of scuba diving in the city of the world’s tallest towers!

We’ll pick you up from your place, our complementary treat for our thrill-seeking souls, and whisk you away to Dubai’s hot spot: Lamer Beach. After a pleasant welcome and 30-minutes of crash-course from our proficient aqua experts, you’ll hit the beach for another 30 minutes of beach practice. After that, you’re all set to dive into the mysterious underwater world for a solid 45 minutes. During this time, you’ll have a golden-pearl opportunity to mingle with deep-sea deneizens, swim along high-fiving fish (from distance : )

Post the exciting well-guided scuba diving in Dubai’s popular spot: Lamer Beach, you will be offered with towels and slippers, and some coffee, juice, slush or detox water along-with popcorn will be waiting for you. Worry not! You’ll have the exotic memory engraved in your mind, but surely will take away the mesmerizing underwater photo of yourself and the beautiful awa creatures.


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