From Desert Domination & Coastal Breeze: Dubai’s Best Desert Deal and Water Sport

Dubai is a Top 10 tourism destination city in the world, offering plethora of tourism activities, tourism products and attractive deals. Monster Experience has crafted Dubai’s best desert deal & water sport to ensure you have the fulfilling experience of extreme desert adventure to what Arabian Ocean has to offer …

Dubai Desert Domination:

Powerful Maverick Beast: Swing into action and welcome a thrilling adventure designed to take you on a journey through the big red sand dunes of Al Badayer in an awesome Can-Am Maverick Sport 1000cc 2-seater dune buggy. Dedicated activity area, whereby one may engage in thrilling adventure of all sorts, is Monster Experience’s strength.

Master the Terrain: Crack your own instructor’s challenges, sandy dunes go through, and enjoy your power with a guided tour on an unforgettable off-road adventure.

Memories in the Making: Take home that photography session for free in front of the spectacular sand dunes as you fulfill your dream of a desert conquer. Or, get the whole session recorded and take a souvenir of Go-Pro memory card at the cost of AED 150.

Ocean Oasis: Jet Ski ride with Burj Al Arab Majesty

Jet Ski Paradise: On any day of your convenience, swap the hot sand adventure for the cold embrace of the Arabian Sea. Imagine the command of a powerful jet ski and sail along the fantastic water trail, that the white iconic tower of the Burj Al Arab will be seeming close and high on the horizon.

Cityscape Spectacle: Your fabulous front seat witnessing Dubai’s dazzling skyline, you’ll no longer be able to differentiate between art and reality as the seas will turn into a wondrous canvas. In our complementary photoshoot, we will take your unforgettable moments as our tour guides will take photos of your exhilarating moments.

Safety & Support:

Throughout the adventure, we prioritize the idea of safeguarding at first place. You’ll be provided with the most advanced safety gear for which our top-notch professional guides will explain in great detail to help you be safe and feel comfortable when on the water.

This private tour enables travelers to enjoy the greatness of Dubai’s wilderness and ocean in one unparalleled day, by sharing the experience with a knowledgeable guide. Don’t waste this incredible opportunity, purchase your Best Desert Deal & Water Sport with Monster Experience, and witness a unique and extraordinary experience right in the middle of Dubai City!

Maverick Sport 2-Seater + Jet Ski (1H each)

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