Explore the Dubai Desert on the Championship winning KTM 450 and let the adventure begin! With 5-speed transmission and easy handling, the KTM is an industry-leading model that will guarantee an ultra-reliable desert excursion.

About 40 mins drive from the bustling downtown of Dubai, you will reach the hot-spot of desert adventure – Monster Experience activity area! Professional, super friendly and passionate adventurers – the Monster crews will be waiting to create an extra-ordinary dirt-bike Dubai experience for you! After a swift registration process, our expert instructors will take you for a quick briefing to boost your confidence and excitement, both! Once you are dressed guarded with safety suit from head-to-toe, you’ll be guided to the motocross of your choice – KTM 450CC!

As you grip the handlebars, as the engine reverberates, with a twist of the throttle, your favourite bike leaps forward, effortlessly gliding over the sandy waves. As the sun hangs high in the sky, casting its intense rays upon the endless expand of sand, your dirt bike’s engine growls with anticipation, waiting to embrace the challenge laid out before it! The desert surely stretches out as you challenge to conquer it. Riding a KTM 450CC through the desert is nothing but a thrilling saga of man and machine challenging the un-ending & ever-changing landscapes of the deserts! As the sands sometimes challenge your balance, testing your power and confidence, your KTM 450CC dirt bike responds with precision, carving its own path … Sun begins its descent on the horizon, painting the sky with hues of red and orange, we guarantee: the adventure feels both timeless and fleeting. The rhythm of the ride is nothing but a beautiful symphony of adrenaline and focus.

Why KTM 450 SX-F?

Engine Specifications: 5-speed Transmission, Electric starter, 63.4 mm Stroke, 95 mm bore, Wet DDS multi-disc clutch, Brembo hydraulics, 449.9 cm³ displacement, Keihin EMS and 1-cylinder, 4-stroke engine design

Chassis Suspension & Brakes: A 102.6 kg dry weight and a 7.2 l fuel tank capacity. 260 mm front brake disc and a 220 mm rear brake disc with the frame that is a central double-cradle-type 25CrMo4 steel frame. The front suspension is a WP XACT-USD, Ø 48 mm, and the rear suspension is a WP XACT Monoshock with linkage. The racing seat designed for ultimate control and comfort with the height of 958 mm, and the ground clearance of 343 mm. The steering head angle is 63.9 °, and the suspension travel is 310 mm (front) and 300 mm (rear).

History and Legacy: Founded in 1934 by Hans Trunkenpolz in Austria, KTM is a company with a rich history. For over 8 decades, KTM has carved its path in the world of off-roading bikes and created its own legacy.

Speed: As one of the fastest dirt bikes in Dubai, KTM-450 SX-F can reach a top speed of 150 mph from 0 to 60 mph in just 4 seconds. It’s the perfect pick for pro off-road riders!

Others: ODI Lock-On grip set, Hinson outer clutch cover – for durability and performance, Vented airbox cover to keep your engine cool under pressure, Gold chain adding a touch of opulence to the powertrain and an Orange frame for a bold statement of its racing pedigree.

Why Dirt Bike Rental from Monster Experience?

Safety first: Our mission at Monster Experience is to provide our customers with the ultimate desert adventure that is both safe, sustainable and unforgettable. At Monster Experience, you’ll have the most worry-free ride as you’re equipped with a complete motocross protective gear from head-to-toe: helmets, goggles, protection jackets, knee brace, chest protector, gloves, and motocross boots! We aim to make you safe, thus comfortable as you navigate through the dunes!

Fuel included: When you choose Monster Experience, we ensure that your motocross is fueled up and ready to go, ensuring your dirt bike rental is worry-free!

Expert training: Our experienced and professional instructors are here to share their expertise before you set off to the unknown.

Keep you Refreshed: We ensure you stay hydrated with our free flow of bottled drinking water

Trusted and Award-winning: Monster Experience has won the hearts of many customers, earning us the prestigious TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice award in 2019, 2022 and 2023. Join the ranks of satisfied adventurers who have experienced the thrill and excitement of our unforgettable desert adventures.

It’s time to enjoy your intoxicating blend of challenge and freedom …

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Note: Customers must carry their Original Passport or Emirates ID (substitute of Original Passport for UAE Residents).

KTM 450 CC

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