Desert Dunes, Dubai Dreams, and Ocean Splashes: The Ultimate Dubai Combo Package


Conquer the Big Red Sand Dunes: Come along for a wild adventure aboard powerful Can-Am X3 2-Seater Dune Buggy through breathtaking big red sand dunes of Dubai. Experience pumping adrenaline when you successfully conquer tough ascents of dunes and move through various terrain. Our passionate tour guides will make sure your utmost safety and overall dune buggying satisfaction purpose are achieved, while keeping you hydrated with free bottled waters.

Capture the Moment: To make your sandstorm adventure memorable our private tour guides will take your photographs against the majestic sands background. If you want to go back with Go-Pro card as an add-on, we can reserve one for you at the price of just AED 150.


Jet Ski by the Burj Al Arab: Having experienced all the thrill and excitement from your desert adventure, it’s time to cool off by joining the jet ski tour along Dubai’s coastline. Imagine the thrill of zooming over the turquoise waters with the famous silhouette of Burj Al Arab rising beautifully behind you.

City Skyline Spectacle: The gleaming urban panorama of Dubai will be your magnificent backdrop, to the side as you slice through the waves. Incorporate the beauty of this place into your memorabilia with our complimentary photoshoot featuring the stunning scenery.

Peacefulness on Each of the Rides for Every Rider

While you discover wild landscapes you will be provided with up-to-date safety gear and you will receive professional training that will help you feel safe and confident. This will be you personal tour to the desert and the ocean with the private guide, and you will have the opportunity to see Dubai’s best landscapes at your own pace.

Don’t waste this very special opportunity to develop a unique excursion in the center of Dubai. Buy the unmatched offer of Dubai Combo Package, Today!

2-Seater + JetSki
(1H each)

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