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Our History – Desert Adventure Tourism Company – Monster Experience:

Monster Experience was founded in 2017 by Mr. Mourad Hattab Bey. It all started with a small camp in the middle of the desert when he was living his passion of a Bedouin lifestyle. Over the years, Desert Adventure Tourism Company – Monster Experience, has been synonymous to unforgettable desert experiences.

In 2021, Monster Experience achieved another milestone by becoming Can-Am partner – only Can-Am Certificate Centre in the UAE. This achievement is a testament to our commitment to providing the safest and innovative experiences to our customers.

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Core Values of Dubai's Leading Desert Adventure Tour Company - Monster Experience

Our Mission

To provide our customers with the ultimate desert adventure that is safe, sustainable and unforgettable.

Our Vision

To become the premier provider of safe, authentic and diverse desert experiences in the UAE. We aim to be recognized for our commitment to safety, excellence, and unparalleled customer service.

Our Corporate Values

Sustainability, Diversity, Collaboration

Milestones & Success Story of Top Desert Adventure Tourism Company – Monster Experience

As a private partner of the best brand for off-road Can-Am, we ensure that our customers have access to the latest and most advanced equipment for their adventures in the desert. At Monster Experience, we take pride in offering a wide range of exciting adventures and experiences.

From thrillingᅠQuad Biking Tours, Dirt Biking,ᅠDune Buggy Ridesᅠto captivatingᅠDesert Safaris,ᅠand authentic Bedouin-inspired activities, we offer something to everyone. Our goal is to create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime while ensuring your safety and delivering authentic experiences. Prestigious Trip Advisor Travelers Choice Award 2022 and 2023, stellar 5-star ratings by countless delighted customers across prominent review platforms including Trip Advisor and Google Reviews are testaments of our commitment to service excellence.

black and red beautiful 2 seater buggy driving in red sand dunes in dubai desert - a desert adventure tour company - monster experience's tour package
Desert's Golden Hour with Can-Am Buggy, Monster Experience Activity Area, Al Badayer, Sharjah
black and white yamaha raptor quad bike kept on sand dunes - yamaha raptor quad bike standing on sand dunes
Sleek but Powerful Yamaha Raptor 700CC at Monster Experience Activity Area, Al Badayer, Sharjah

Taking part in an activity at Monster Experience is much more than just an activity a customer pays for. We offer a holistic approach to the entire desert experience. Our state-of the-art facilities include a blend of well-maintained and modern infrastructure preserving Arabic culture and showcasing Bedouin Lifestyle.

Taking a break from the overwhelming adrenaline buggy ride, customer can also take full advantage of Sandboarding that is offered for FREE for each ride if informed the agent in advance. Some of our valued customers have greatly complimented our Air-conditioned majilis room, Football/Basketball courts; Tennis table; Bedouin style private tent, Coffee Shop to chill and enjoy with friends and family post the exciting adventure. Not to mention, Go-Pro is also offered at a cost to let our customers capture every moment of the exciting ride.

Monster Experience is the only Can-Am Center in Dubai whereby Can-Am brand does desert terrain testing of its new products. Which means: all our Can-Am buggies are not just Brand New but regularly serviced at official Can-Am Center. Music lovers can rock the rough sand dunes on their favourite music beat as all of our buggies are equipped with Music!

While riding through the rough terrain, our adventure-seeking customers are left with nothing to worry as all our buggies have bumpers preventing the buggies being rolled over through rough terrain. On top, our professional dedicated tour guide will be just around all the time.

For exotic night rides, our buggies also got flags at the top of all buggies for lighting and marking purposes. As Trip Advisor Travelers’ Choice 2022 and 2023 Winner, Monster Experience always got something out of the ordinary experience to offer to adrenaline seekers.

Desert Adventure Tourism Company – Monster Experience has set a new bar in the field of unique and premium desert adventure packages!

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