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Explore our carefully crafted, research based desert adventure tour packages in the beautiful red sand dunes of Al Badayer. Ride an ATV, buggy or dirt bike while experiencing a Bedouin lifestyle from bygone era, with the most experienced and desert adventure enthusiasts of Dubai!

polaris rzr 1 seater black buggy in the desert

Top-of-the-line dune buggy experience of a lifetime.

Discover the beauty of Dubai desert with our premium buggies. Stunning Dubai desert scenery welcomes you as you ride through the ever-shifting sand dunes in your dune buggy Dubai journey. Whether you’re looking for a solo dune buggy or a guided dune buggy tour by our highly trained professional instructors, we offer you an unforgettable dune buggy ride in Dubai.

Can AM Quad bike parked on top of a sand dune in the Dubai desert

The best ATV quad bike tracks in the UAE.

Fuel your adventurous spirit with Monster Experience! As your top choice for quad biking in desert Dubai, we offer premium quad bike rentals that promise non-stop fun. Feel the pulse of the desert as you navigate its dunes on our guided quad biking tours. If your obsession is all about ATV bikes, then brace yourself to discover the world of quad biking Dubai with us, a must-do adventure in the Arab world.

Person in protective gear riding a KTM dirt bike in the Dubai desert sand dunes

The ultimate adventure for all the thrill-seekers out there!

A trusted dirt bike centre in Dubai – Monster Experience! We offer ultimate thrill to off-roading thrill-seekers out there providing you with the action-packed dirt-bike experience through Dubai’s sand dunes. Reserve your spot today and tick off an adventure from your list with dirt bike Dubai.

People riding camels in the Dubai desert

Witness the beauty of the region’s best Desert Safari in a 4×4.

Desert Safari with Monster Experience transcends the ordinary, as we seamlessly add the essence of Bedouin adventure into every facet of our desert safari package. From invigorating morning desert safaris to unmissable evening excursions, and even starlit and magical overnight desert safari experiences, our Dubai desert safari offerings cater to all. Discover the heart of Dubai’s desert with us and create unforgettable memories amidst the golden sands.

karting dubai
Man playing paintball and holding paintball gun at the Monster Experience paintball course in Dubai
Arabic family around a camping table in the Dubai Desert at sunset
book dune buggies online. book quad bikes online in dubai

Welcome to Monster Experience, your gateway to extraordinary adventures that will leave you in awe. Brace yourself for a journey where excitement knows no bounds and unforgettable memories are waiting to be made!

Picture this: you, behind the wheel of our powerful Dune Buggy, conquering the desert terrain with precision. Feel the rush of adrenaline as you navigate through the sandy dunes! For those seeking an extra dose of action, Dirt Biking and Quad Biking experiences are guaranteed to ignite your engines! Feel the power beneath you as you zoom across the rugged landscape, conquering every twist and turn with skill and determination. The desert is your playground, and adventure awaits at every corner! Or, join us for our Morning Desert Safari, the perfect escapade from urban rush. If you need a break from evening city lights, hop on our 4X4 for Evening Desert Safari and set off to gorgeous Dubai sand dunes that are challenging yet mesmerizing! BBQ Dinner, Bedouin style camp, Tanura show and much more … taking you back to a bygone era. Capture picture perfect moments that will leave you in awe. And for those craving a magical evening under the stars, our Overnight Desert Safari promises an incomparable experience of peaceful escapade to solitude under the starry skies in the heart of desert.

At Monster Experience, our mission is to provide authentic desert experience to our clients that are safe, sustainable, and unforgettable. Let us redefine your perception of adventure as we create memories that will echo in your soul.

TripAdvisors Top Review
TripAdvisors Top Review

Our Trusted Partners:

Years off-roading experience in various terrain and vehicles
Expert instructors with 2,000+ hours of combined experience
Happy adventure seeking customers and counting ​



We take pride in our experience. At Monster Experience we make sure that every guest is satisfied! We employ only the most qualified and experienced instructors for your convenience.

Space for excellence

We can handle 150 people at a time! We have more than 30 vehicle models of well-known brands. We care about the quality of the ride and the safety that will suit both beginners and experienced drivers.

Well-equipped facilities

We can handle 150 people at a time! We have more than 30 vehicle models of well-known brands. We care about the quality of the ride and the safety that will suit both beginners and experienced drivers.

Proximity to quads

We are located in the immediate vicinity of the tracks, which gives us an undeniable advantage over other rentals, as customers do not need to go on public roads.

Great price

We offer competitive pricing on all services. The rental price includes: jacket, pants, helmet, glasses, gasoline, as well as a driving instructor and training.

No driver's license? No problem!

Everyone can ride our vehicles. If you don’t have experience in this field our Instructors will assist you - all of our past guests have left very satisfied!!

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